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South Australian Bird Company has one of South Australia’s largest collections of bird cages, aviaries, toys and accessories. All our products are sourced from reputed suppliers and come with a quality promise. We understand how much you love your pet bird. We take every caution to ensure the products are suitable for health and well-being of your bird.

However, we advise our customers to keep an eye on their birds during play time. What also helps is giving your birds a new toy to play with every now and then to keep them from getting bored. Read our guide of do’s and don’ts here.

Vast Range of Products

We have myriad colours and size options available in most of the toys and accessories. However, when you order online, if your preferred colour is not available, we will send you the bird toy in a colour chosen at random – we won’t delay your pet’s much desired toy!

At SA Bird Company, we make getting the perfect toy, cage or accessory as easy as grocery shopping. You can either visit our store and let our friendly staff help you pick the ideal toy or you can also order via our online store. We deliver products across South Australia. There is a $10 freight fee for every order made through our online store.

Bird Toys

Bird toys are essential for stimulation of a bird’s natural behaviour like chewing or preening. It is a known fact that birds can take to self-mutilating if not cared for properly. Toys come in very handy for ensuring your pet bird stays happy and healthy.

South Australian Bird Company has bird toys available in a variety of sizes like small, medium, large or extra-large. We also stock toys to aid different behaviours like interactive stimulation, foraging stimulation and chewing stimulation, besides toys like ladders and foot toys which give your pet some exercise.

While we take every necessary care to ensure the toys are safe for your pet, read our guideline on do’s and don’ts for what you can do to prevent bird fiascoes!

Bird Cages & Aviaries

South Australian Bird Company’s range of bird cages and aviaries is designed for comfort. You don’t want your bird to get all cranky after its beauty sleep now, do you?

Being bird lovers ourselves, we know how important it is to have a bird enclosure that’s comfortable, strong yet affordable on your pocket. Given the lifespan of some breeds of birds, it needs to be durable to last a long time.

Our cages and aviaries are produced from high quality material and is easy to put together. We can even customise the cage or aviary to suit your bird’s demands!

Bird Treats & Accessories

At SA Bird Company, we have some of the most popular bird treats including spray millets, honey treat sticks as well as treat packs for your little birdie to munch on. Want some advice on a healthy diet for your bird? Speak to one of our bird aficionado team members today!

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