53 Anderson Walk, Smithfield SA 5114

South Australian Bird Company stock and supply a vast collection of bird treats and toys for those adorable little munchkins! You can shop online or visit our store for a look.

Exhaustive Range

We have a toy for every size and variety of bird. From small sized, to medium and large sized toys, to foot toys and bird treats and accessories, we are your one-stop shop for all bird treats and toys needs! The collection includes a wide variety of spray millets, treat packs and honey treat sticks. We also stock medicines and vitamins for birds, cleaning products as well as bird care books and magazines.

There is a $10 freight fee for every order made through our online store.

Bird Safety

At South Australian Bird Company, we know how much you love your little birds. Consequently, we observe every possible care to ensure that the toys, accessories and bird treats that we stock are safe for your birds. All products are sourced from a network of carefully selected vendors spread across South Australia.

When you buy a bird toy or treat from South Australian Bird Company, one of our consultants will advise you if you need to take any special precaution while your bird uses that toy or treat.

However, no toy can be 100% safe! We highly recommend that you follow basic safety precautions to prevent any danger to your bird. We have assembled a guide of easy do’s and don’ts for your pet bird’s complete safety, read it here.

53 Anderson Walk, Smithfield SA 5114

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