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Although we take every necessary precaution to ensure the bird toys and accessories that we procure are safe, there is no toy that’s 100% safe!

SA Bird Company Guidelines

It helps to take care of few things to keep your bird protected from any mishaps.

  • Supervise your birds when they are playing with their toys
  • Introduce new toys with caution and give your birds time to get acquainted with them
  • Trim back any frayed ropes that you may notice on the toys
  • Inspect the toys regularly and discard toys that show any signs of wear and tear
  • Ensure your bird is only chewing and not ingesting the toy (yes they can do that too!)
  • When you go on a toy buying spree, take care to choose toys suitable for your bird’s size
  • Tighten all pear/quick links securely. Use pliers if necessary. Birds have a tendency to loosen these links while playing with the toys.
  • Mix it up. Give your bird a variety of toys to play with. Keep at least two sets of toys and rotate them regularly to keep your bird entertained and stimulated. This goes a long way in preventing boredom and feather-picking behaviour in your bird.

Talk to Our Experts

If you have any doubts regarding caring for your bird, visit us in store and have a chat with one of our friendly team members. Our staff comprises of experienced bird owners, breeders and lovers who can guide you with the best strategy for taming and caring for your pet bird.

53 Anderson Walk, Smithfield SA 5114

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