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South Australian Bird Company stocks an extensive collection of exotic parrots, Australian parrots, cockatoos, canaries, quails, foreign finches and Australian finches. We are a licensed buyer and supplier of Australian and exotic birds. So, when you buy from us, you don’t have to worry about getting entangled in legal complications or risk losing your beloved exotic or Australian pet bird.


Unarguably the most popular choice for pet birds, cockatiels are small parrots that come in a variety of colours. Cockatiels are very friendly, chirpy and super easy to tame owning to their smaller size compared to other parrots. A first-pet owner’s delight in the true sense!


At South Australian Bird Company, we have in stock an extensive collection of different breeds of parrots including the Australian as well as foreign parrots.


Ideal for experienced breeders or bird owners, cockatoos love cuddling and need a lot of attention from their owners. You can choose from our range of Cockatoo breeds including galahs, sulphur crests or corellas.

Blue & Gold Macaws

Our personal favourite amongst all birds are the blue and gold macaws. Macaws are bundles of entertainment, flamboyance, mischief, playfulness all packed into one.

Known to be one of the most expressive variety of breeds, you will never have a dull moment with your pet macaw. They will show their love (or anger if you upset them) for you by cocking or bobbing their head, flashing their eyes, fluffing their feathers and even blushing.

Owning a macaw is a long-term commitment as they have a lifespan of up to 80 years. Nurture them right with lots of love, sunshine and some outdoor time, and you have a companion for yourself for a long time!


Conures are the social butterflies of the parrot world! They love to talk and chew. If you decide to own a conure, or have a conure at home, you must stock a sufficient number of bird toys if you want them to stay off your furniture. Call South Australian Bird Company today or visit us in store to see our collection of toys suitable for conures.

Rainbow Lorikeets

As aviary or pet birds, these are the clowns of the bird world. They love to play, roll around, swing upside down, and chat their day away! They come in some fantastic colours, sure to enhance the liveliness in your house.

Tame Baby Birds

Hand-raised from small babies, these birds make excellent companions. Since you own them at a young age, the bird will settle in with your family very easily. Get yourself one of these little munchkins, train them to talk or teach them some tricks – they are all yours!


Although small in size, finches come in a fantastic range of colours to enhance any backyard with an aviary in it.

Love Birds

The Peach Face, Masked or Fischer Lovebirds come in an array of colours and are suitable as Aviary or Pet Birds.


We mainly stock common and red factor canaries – both are suitable for breeding or as pets.


Small and sweet, the budgies can be taught to talk, do tricks and entertain you for hours with their playful antics.


Galah is one of the most popular Australian parrots, recognized by its pink crown and neck. These wonder parrots are an ideal pick if you are looking for an intelligent and social pet.

Lutino Rainbow Lorikeet

Lutino Rainbow Lorikeets are some of the different types of colour mutations along with other parrot mutations that we we sell here.


Quaker is an extremely friendly and sociable parrot. One of the favourite breeds for keeping as pets, Quakers are playful and fun to be around!

Sun Conure

Sun Conures have a large life span, and some can live up to as long as 30 years! They are attention-loving, sociable birds that will fill your day with energy and entertainment.

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